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You and your workforce can join the 309,652 companies and their trainees from all over the world using SafetyMark Training online courses.

We know that compliance, and especially health and safety can be stressful. Having the right training can make all the difference between a good day or a bad day in the workplace. Learn and prove the skills needed for your workplace today.

How does it work?

Customer Favourites

Health & Safety For Managers
Health & Safety Management Course
Level 3, CPD, Award, Popular · 2 HOURS 42 MINS

Advanced management, 5 Steps to Risk Assessment (INDG163), HSG65 and case law to define principles including absolute, practicable, reasonably practicable and reasonable. Risk management including; COSHH, fire risk, hazards, control of contractors, accident management, legionella and gas service maintenance amongst other modules.

Health & Safety Office Induction
Health & Safety Office Standards Course
Level 2, CPD, Award, Popular · 1 HOURS 33 MINS

Essentials for office safety, fire and emergency, work life balance, stress, accidents, computer workstation safety (DSE) as well as home working, manual handling and bullying.

Workstation Safety
DSE Training / Workstation Safety
Level 2, CPD, Award, Popular · 16 MINS

Computer workstation safety (DSE) training helps avoid; back, neck and wrist pain (RSI). Workstation ergonomics discusses; posture, position of arms, legs, head and how the wrist support and foot rests may help or hinder existing injuries or vulnerabilities.

Manual Handling
Manual Handling Course
Level 2, Award, Popular · 19 MINS

Safety techniques for lifting with L.I.T.E (load, individual, task and environment) while considering bodily forces used when lifting to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

Coronavirus Awareness
Coronavirus Pandemic Virus Overview Course
Level 1, Popular · 12 MINS

Learn about Coronavirus, COVID-19 and Pandemics. We outline the physical symptoms and how a virus spreads. Understand how good hygiene including hand washing technique (demonstrated within the elearning) is the best way to prevent a contamination among a workforce.

Coronavirus Pandemic Planning
Business Continuity Planning for Viruses Course
Level 3, Popular · 31 MINS

Essentials for dealing with coronavirus infection. Learn how to plan and action measures for the current outbreak. A guide to put into use now and have a pandemic plan to support business continuity which can be used for the next outbreak.

LOcHER Project Showcase
LOcHER Project Showcase Course
Popular, Free · 37 MINS

Projects created by Students and Colleges for key occupational health messages, with a range of different approaches, a mix of communication skills and interviews from the tutors and key influencers.

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“Loved the content and the delivery of it all, including the links and even the free course which for a charity is a deal breaker. It was refreshing to find your courses, when I close the page by accident, you can get back quick and easy with no time restraint. Clear, easy peasey and kept me on track.”
- Janet -
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Why work with us

SafetyMark Training has over 9 years of experience delivering e-learning. Qualified, trusted authors and a Northamptonshire based support and enrollment team. We prioritise the customer experience, and our top-mark reviews from hundreds-of-thousands of trainees who leveled-up their workplace skills with our courses show the results.

We work with industry leading partners to deliver a tried, vetted and trusted online learning experience with a purpose built simple LMS specifically designed for teams and business compliance needs. Easy to use and simple pricing - with a full money-back guarantee too.

How Does it Work?

Why choose online training

The SafetyMark Training team started as compliance, health, safety and risk consultants in Northamptonshire with one all-encompassing goal - to make compliance easier for managers, and safer for employees.

Experience is key and there's still a place for on-the-job learning, but we found that more people stay safer and compliant when training is effectively delivered online. Organisations and businesses train more of their people faster when it's delivered online as our eLearning is easier to roll-out, safer and more cost effective. It's backed by verification records, digital certification and far less intrusive on schedules than organising a classroom-style course too.

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Competent and Trusted

Competence and Trust

One of the key elements to be considered during the selection of a training provider must be an Assessment of Competence;

"Training must be suitable for the task and be provided from a competent source. Competence is defined as; the 'knowledge, training, qualifications, experience and other such qualities'."

We ensure that our courses are accurate under current health and safety & industry legislation, our content is developed by a team of qualified consultants, authors and developers.

Our teams' relevant qualifications range from NEBOSH NGC, NEBOSH (Construction), NEBOSH Diploma to CMIOSH; in addition to RMN, DipPT, PTLLS, BSc (Hons) HSC, and First Aid Trainer & Assessor, Safeguarding & MCA Trainer, NVQ L3 Assessing Candidates Performance, NVQ L3 Learning & Development. Some of those involved with the development process are former leaders of the IIRSM & IOSH Branch Executive Committees and lead national campaigns for SGUK and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), among others.

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Money-back Guarantee
Money-back Guarantee

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